Miku talu home accomodation on Kihnu Island

There is a holiday every day on the island!

Kihnu island has a special charm that attracts travelers to explore this little paradise island, and be warned, this charm can be addictive. Many have the wish to return, may be not the next year but definitely at some point in their lives.

We have opened our home, Miku talu doors, where guests can come and feel as if they have come to visit grandma at the countryside or as some guests have said as if they come home. Vacation and relaxation are guaranteed on our property for the grownups as well as for the little ones. We are kindly welcoming you!

talu nimi

7 different rooms. Rooms are located in the sauna house, in the old granary and in little garden houses. We have radiators in every room in case it gets chilly and fans for unexpected heat.

If regular sauna isn't enough, we have authentic 100-year old smoke sauna which has been awarded The Best Sauna title twice in the Saunafest competition.


Our guests can use the outdoor kitchen and terrace. The kitchen has all you need for a tasty dish: dishes, pots, pans, water heater and gas stove.

Our cat Miku will be watching the garden and welcoming our guests. You got it right, he is the man of the house 🙂 He loves petting and it may happen that you will find him in your bed at night 🙂 He is just a little bit afraid of small children, but all around he is a good guy. Especially he loves to be a little bit naughty, for example if you leave your fish or sausage on the table or in an opened bag, you can be sure Miku will know. You can discover that you don't have your goodies any more 🙂

Guests are hosted by our wonderful hostess Vivika

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