Price list

Granary rooms

45 euros per night for two people, 50 euros with extra bed

Sauna house second floor rooms Sunrise and Sunset

2 people one night 60 euros

3 people 72 euros

4 people 82 euros

5 people 90 euros

Garden houses

2 people 45 euros

3 people 55 euros

4 people 60 euros

Tent area

6 euros for one person for one night


8 euros for adults

5 euros for 6-12 year old child

Bicycle rent

12 hours 5 euros

Smoke sauna 

100 euros

Regular sauna

First hour 25 euros, every extra hour 10 euros

Using the grill

Using the grill with our wood, coal and lightning fluid 3 euros. If you have your own material, it is free

Transportation from the port to Miku talu and back